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Schmettow, M., Bach, C., Scapin, D.
Effizientere Usability Evaluationen mit gemischten Prozessen
Increasing the Efficiency of Usability Evaluations by Mixed Processes
to be presented at Mensch und Computer 2010, Duisburg
Session M&C 12 (Tuesday, Sep 14, 16:00 – 17:30)


Schmettow, M. (2009)
Controlling the Usability Evaluation Process under Varying Defect Visibility.BCS HCI'09: Proceedings of the British Computer Society Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, British Computer Society, 188-197.


Schmettow, M. (2008)
Heterogeneity in the Usability Evaluation Process
England, D. & Beale, R. (ed.)
Proceedings of the HCI2008 vol.1, 89-98
Acceptance Rate: 24%
Accompanying Webpage: http://schmettow.info/Heterogeneity/
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Schmettow, M. & Vietze, W. (2008)
Introducing Item Response Theory for Measuring Usability Inspection Processes
CHI 2008 Proceedings, 893-902
Acceptance Rate: 22%, Best of CHI honorable mention (5% of accepted submissions )
Accompanying Webpage: http://schmettow.info/IRT/
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Schmettow, M. (2007)
Enhancing the Downstream Utility of Usability Evaluations with Pattern-based Recommendations
Workshop on Downstream Utility: The Good, the Bad, and the Utterly Useless Usability Evaluation Feedback, Toulouse, October 2007
Schmettow, M. & Niebuhr, S. (2007)
A Pattern-based Usability Inspection Method: First Empirical Performance Measures and Future Issues
Ramduny-Ellis, D. & Rachovides, D. (ed.)
Proceedings of the HCI 2007, vol.2, 99-102
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Daniel Kerkow & Martin Schmettow (2006)
Neugestaltung eines städtischen Internet-Portals
Der Städtetag, 59 , 35-37
Niebuhr, S. & Schmettow, M. (2006)
Useful design recommendations from a pattern-based usability inspection. Empirical evidence
Fraunhofer EPrints [http://publica.fraunhofer.de/eprints.har] (Germany),
Schmettow, M. (2006)
User Interaction Design Patterns for Information Retrieval Systems
Hvatum, L. & Zdun, U. (ed.)
Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs.
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Schmettow, M. (2005)
Towards a Pattern Based Usability Inspection Method for Industrial Practitioners
Proceedings of the Workshop on Integrating Software Engineering and Usability Engineering (held on Interact 2005),


John, I.; Kohler, K.; Schmettow, M. & Kerkow, D. (2004)
The UseLine Process and its Application at SIEDA
Fraunhofer IESE,
John, I.; Kohler, K.; Schmettow, M. & Kerkow, D. (2004)
UseLine: Process Description and Case Study
Fraunhofer IESE,
John, I.; Muthig, D. & Schmettow, M. (2004)
The State of the Practice of Systematic Software Development / Product Line Development in Germany
Fraunhofer IESE,
Mund, M. E.; Wiebelt, F.; Weber, H.; Kerkow, D. & Schmettow, M. (2004)
USEKIT: Ein integrierter Ansatz zur nutzerzentrierten Softwareentwicklung
Keil-Slawik, R.; Selke, H. & Szwillus, G. (ed.)
Mensch & Computer 2004: Allgegenwärtige Interaktion,
Oldenburg, , 305 -306
Schmettow, M. (2004)
Diagnosearbeit im Kfz-Handwerk als Mensch-Maschine-Problem
KI - Künstliche-Intelligenz,
, 1 , 69-70

Other Works

Tutorial: Maximum Likelihood Modellierung von Zähldaten
Tutorial on Maximum Likelihood Estimation (German)
Gives a very simple introduction on how to estimate parameters via the Maximum Likelihood method. There also is a distinct section of model selection with the Akaike Information Criterion. These techniques are related to a recent research problem, that is a statistical model of usability defect detection comprising unobserved misses and false alarms.
Download Tutorial
Download accompanying R script